About TE-Group

TE-Group has its headquarters in Belgium and is known for its brands mr Handsfree, Quintezz, StereoBoomm, mr Safe, DreamLED and GUARDO. Our philosophy is to come up with innovative, well-designed and affordable solutions to improve the everyday life!

Key Components

Key components of our strategy are high quality product standards, daily investment in innovations combined with creation of new concepts in the market. That is why we are constantly exploring new markets and revolutionary technologies. Having years of experience as an OEM supplier, allows us to produce customer specific solutions for well-known brands and established companies.

Total Concept

TE-Group stands for Total Concept:

  • Research, design & product management
  • Production in collaboration with long-term partners situated in the Far East
  • Distribution through a worldwide network of leading distribution partners.

Local marketing expertise and well defined networks are used and will be used to accelerate future worldwide growth.